Finding a good lawyer is a great determinant of how your case will go. You need to find someone with all the right qualifications. Other factors that you can check on include experience, fees, availability, and geographical location among many others. In addition to all that, you need to check the attributes of the lawyer before hiring him/her to handle your case. There are many attributes that a good lawyer should have. Some of the main ones are highlighted below.

Top attributes of a good lawyer

Excellent communication skills2 people on red and blue chairs

A good lawyer should be orally articulate, in addition to having great written communication skills. They should be able to pass on a message or information in a simple and clear form that anyone will understand easily. This goes a long way in helping win the case, as he will be able to argue convincingly in front of the judges and jury while in the courtroom. Good communication skills also mean that they should be great listeners. This is crucial to ensure that you can also share what is on your mind with him, without any difficulty.

People skills

Academic qualification is not all that is required of a good lawyer. He should also have good people skills. This means that he should present himself in a way that people will like him. Being personable and persuasive as well as being able to read others can help him gauge the reactions of the jury and honesty of a witness. He will then be able to decide on the best approach that will lead to the desired result.

Great judgment

mans figure with light bulb in brainA good lawyer should be able to come up with logical conclusions or reasonable assumptions, even from limited information. This is an essential feature as, in a majority of cases, information and evidence will not always be in a clear form. The lawyer should be able to work backward from distorted or tampered information to reveal the truth and convince the judges and jury of the discovered truth. He should also be able to identify weak spots in the arguments of the opposition and maximize on them.


Great creativity can help you win a case. Your lawyer must have lots of creativity to be able to tackle some hurdles in your case. For example, he can find a creative way to get a witness to expose a hidden truth and win you the case.