Court reporting is not a career that is a walk in the park. You need to be accurately professional. You need to perform your tasks with high level of skill. You also need to be qualified for the job of a Court Reporter. There are also some intangible qualities to look for in choosing a court reporter.

Below are some of the qualities to look for in a court reporter:


Legal images A court reporter is always in court following judicial proceedings. Therefore, the concentration level of a court reporter needs to be very high so as to avoid falling prey of misreporting or underreporting. So as to ensure that precise legal position has been taken the court reporter must have a high concentration. The minute details have to be factored in when reporting from a court proceeding. The information given has to be free from misstatement and inaccuracy.


Misplacing legal documents is an enormous legal problem. Therefore, a court reporter has to be skilled in using a stenotype machine. The reporter has to also be up to date in filing court papers and records. Since the working space of the court reporter is usually small, the reporter always has to be neat and have a well-organized desk space. There are many interested party looking to benefit from the information that a court reporter is going to give thus the reporter must be organized.


A court usually runs the standard working hours. However, there are some instances where the court may go on for a longer period than anticipated. Where the location of the trial maybe in a different town thus the court reporter has to be both flexible in terms of time and place. If you are a court reporter, who does not adjust according to the time and location you may eventually be a burden to your employer instead of a blessing.


Some of the cases that are being handled can be very emotional. Therefore, a court reporter must be grown enough and focused so that the emotion in the court case will not affect the case itself. This is imperative so that the court reporter can give a clear account of the happenings in the court without being subjective based on the matter at hand.


Judges hammer Punctuality to the court cannot be stressed enough for the court reporter. A court reporter is a fundamental element in legal proceedings thus the timeliness cannot be stressed enough. If the procedure has to tarry because of the reporter the hiring agency may not be too happy.