There is a need to recognize and avoid common errors when seeking workers’ compensation claims. In this way, you will be in a good position to collect a lot of money for your claims. The following are some of the mistakes that many workers make:

Workers compensation mistakes

Failure to report

The law requires that you report the occurrence of an accident to your employer. This should be done in writing within thirty days from the date of injury. It is still possible to proceed with the claim even if it is not reported in 30 days.

Failure to file a claim

In most cases, the lawworker injured requires that you file the claim within two years since the occurrence of the accident. When it comes to occupational diseases, you ought to file the claim within two years. However, the filing requirements will vary depending on the nature of the claim. In fact, you at a risk when you fail to submit a written claim to the industrial court within two years.

Not providing details to your doctor

If the medical records fail to reflect that you have suffered an accident, your claim may be considered suspect. This may give insurance companies a loophole to deny you your claim. Also, the absence of medical records concerning your accident is likely to give them an excuse which they are looking for.

Not keeping job search log

It is the burden of a worker to prove that he or she is unable to work due to occupational disease or workers compensation injury. The best way to prove this is to show that you have tried to work in vain or even maintain a job.

Failure to suffice your attorney with all facts

You should note Band aides that these types of cases are quite difficult to handle. Thus, if you fail to inform your attorney of such facts, you have handicapped the ability of your lawyer to win your case. Even if the facts seem to be adverse to you, your lawyer can successfully handle them. In any case, you should not keep your lawyer in the dark.

Failure to cooperate

At some point, an insurance company may hire vocational rehabilitation expert to try and find a job for you. This is a critical point during the claim process. Avoid dealing with such process without the help of a reliable workers’ compensation attorney.